Pretty Little Red Tutu

The original holder of the Pretty Little Red Tutu was Nathan Misenheimer.

It all started when the kayakers were constantly losing a lot of gear on the river. When Ian Dryg brought Lillian Miles, Nathan and Aurelie Tollet swimming at the Big Pine when it was running at 9 feet during one warm(er) afternoon in January of 2013 after running through freezing rain just for fun on that past Sunday night, they all lost three paddles at the same time. In 2014, Nathan, once again, had a sketchy swim at Pure Screaming Hell on the Lower Gauley, pulling his freedom cord right above hell hole, and barely skirting the hole swimming left of it. Nathan, at that time held the record of a single kayaker that has lost most club gear at that time. The kayaking consultants at the time decided that beatering at the cost of club gear cannot continue, and thus, the Pretty Little Red Tutu was born.

The Pretty Little Red Tutu is now passed onto whoever that loses club gear most recently, and shall wear it over the sprayskirt on any river.

A little 10-year-old girl on the Ocoee once told Nathan, "it doesn't make your stern look big at all", then, she smiled at him and paddled into Hell Hole and did some spins and loops.

Founded in 1946 
Built for The POC by Charles 
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