The Stupid Helmet


The Stupid Helmet is a kayaking group tradition.  It's a thin crappy plastic helmet that would provide no safety at all. Whenever someone did something really stupid on the river, on the long drive to wherever we were going, or at any other time during a trip, they would have to wear the stupid helmet out to dinner or for the rest of the day. Examples of acts that result in wearing the stupid helmet:


  1. Dave trying to turn around on a thin road by going off of it and thinking he could make it back up, but getting stuck in the mud and everyone getting muddy trying to get the car out
  2. Kate's car running out of gas on the drive home
  3. Dave losing his key on the Ocoee and having to get a ride with his dad all the way back to Purdue, and drive all the way back down to Tennessee to get his car...
  4. Forgetting an important piece of gear

Many others....


Founded in 1946 
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