Take it to the Limit


Taking it to the Limit, Limit



Take it to the Limit is an old VHS movie in the gear closet.  Its willfully ignorant views on climbing, cliche characters, nonsensical plot, and poor quality all around has served as great entertainment for the club.

There is currently a DVD available for checkout within the club.


Movie Reviews


Derick Miller

Take it to the limit is the WORST climbing movie of all time (even topping Virtical Limit). Therefore I encourage all POCers to watch this movie and figure out WhereTF that bear came from....



Jenny Farney

everytime i think of the movie, i since the song "take it to the limit, limit... that's how we do it, do it (repeat 10x))"

BUT i think that I have some climbers to back me up (Drake) when i say that the best line of the movie is "GO AWAY, BEAR!"


yeah, every climber who wants to dedicate themselves to the sport needs to watch this movie. it teaches you the basic climbing techniques and fuels your need for exposure.....not to mention how to deal with your bullies.... just kick their asses on the wall. not on the street. those are the main points i got out of this movie when i was first learning to climb.


future rock climbing consultants pay close attention. there are some great tips in the movie to pass on to your beginning climbers.



Andy C

Glad to see I'm not the only one that feels every POCer climber must be

indoctrinated by watching this glorious film. Watch for how badass the

bouldering is! Such technique, such form, such strength. Incredible.



Joe Krueger

We have to watch Take it to the Limit.  It is POC tradition.  Everyone must see it.  I also have it on my flash drive for computer viewing.


My favorite line from the movie:

[Imagine it said with a by someone trying to sound really serious and deep.]

"Exposure is when you mind realizes your body is too far from the ground."

-Joe K



After my first viewing of "Take it to the limit!"  last night, I must say I am mesmerized by the brilliance of the movie. 

Great recommendation guys. 


Anyhow I feel like this movie definitely merits a sequel.  "Take it to the limit! 2 :  Beyond the limit!!"  

Perhaps we can make this movie.   We could possibly explore some awesome characters that did not have too much camera time in the first movie, like the Bear and Billy ....


Also WHAT WAS IN THE BLACK BAG??!!?!!?  So many questions to be answered.




Charles Bellville

We watched this movie again as a group at the Colorado 2013 POC reunion in Breckenridge, CO.  After Jenny Farney sent a message to everyone to get a copy for viewing durung this time the facebook wall went crazy with comments about it.  I had a digital copy I was going to bring, but I got criticized about it, so Matt G had a copy.  But there was a problem finding the copy in Matt's stuff and apparently he hid it and we were forced to watch reality TV (Waichak's choice) until 11 pm when Matt got back and we learned where the copy was.


You can't make it 5 minutes into the movie without laughing.



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