The Keeper of the Sock

From Wayne Smiley (circa 1975)

"As I recollect it was a grungy old caving sock from an unidentified source. The keeper of the sock had a responsibility to cram in into the mouth of anyone who was giving a long winded and boring trip report. At that point I think the new recipient was now the keeper of the sock. It also seems that Bill Rollins (lump lump) was the main target of the sock."

Written in March, 2010



The tradition of the sock was resurrected by Brad Lohmeyer, buy purchasing a wool sock at good will and stuffing it with easter basket decorations.  Since the old rules hadn't been discovered yet, we made up our own.  The sock was given to the speaker with the best trip report, until said individual had been topped. The sock was then handed to the new speaker.


2010 failed, but…  2013

According to a story, a few Kayakers ran into an Old POCer and the sock tradition was brought back.. Again… with the number of rambles increasing with the number of club members, I would suggest it's use is required?

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