The Chili Incident of 1979

The Chili Incident of 1979


**9/25/79** - The picnic suffered from too few people and too much food.  There was enough chili for 100 people, and nobody showed up.  There was enough chili stored in people's freezers to last for at least a couple of years.  It was suggested that we use the excess chili for next years picnic. 

To avoid future repetitions of the incident, Wheeler explained that there is a difference between an interest sheet and a sign-up sheet.


**1/15/80** - Sunday, goof-off expedition at Happy Hollow Park.  Meet at Slayter Center at 7:00.  Bring your goof-off boots and hats.  FREE CHILI (probably fermented by now.)


**2/29/80** - We got rid of all the chili.  Bill Combs gave it to his little brother Dale(poor kid).

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