Caving in 1968

  * From Jamie Winner (Caving Consultant)

  * POC Email Archives

  * Date: Saturday May 3, 2003

  * Subject: POC Caving in 1968


An article was forwarded to me that I thought might interest some club members.  It is a first hand account of flooding during a cave trip into Binkleys Cave in 1968.  This cave is most likely Indiana's longest, and it's located in extreme southern Indiana, near Corydon in Harrison County.  This particular account was during a combined trip of POC cavers and members of the Indiana Speleological Society, they were an old group that had been leading the survey of Binkleys.  So that should be enough to set the circumstances.


The following excerpt is from George Jaegers, an ISS member:


"The scariest was when we were camping in the dry passage up in the Mountain Room (about a mile inside the cave) and waiting for a group from Purdue to join us for the weekend.  When they (the Purdue Outing Club) got to the Mountain Room, they were all yelling about how it was raining real hard and the entrance passage was flooding.  We decided to make a run for the entrance and started in calf-deep water at the Mountain Room.  The water began to get deeper as we headed upstream to the entrance.  One of the Purdue people, a young woman, was about 4'6" tall and couldn't swim.  By the time we had passed the big breakdown, the water was above her head, so we took turns holding her hands and floating her between us to keep her head out of the water.  Fortunately, we made it past the lower ceiling areas before they flooded to the top and finally got to the entrance, swimming the last part through strong deep waters.  To this day, I feel we were lucky to make it out of there alive."


Makes me wonder how many "close calls" POC members have had in the past. 

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