2011 Race Details

Please download the 2011 Race Packet for information about driving, camping and racing POCAR 2011!

Good luck to all teams who are racing this year, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend


2011 Registration is Closed

Registration for POCAR 2011 is officially closed and we are no longer accepting new teams. If you have registered online before the January 1st cutoff, then we are holding a spot for your team. Just send in waivers and payment and we will see you at the starting line!

Thank you and good luck to all of the teams who will be racing in January. Keep an eye out for a more detailed race packet about one week before race day.

2011 Late Registration

Early Registration for POCAR 2011 has ended! But we still have room on our permit to squeeze in a few more teams! Late registration for POCAR 2011 will be open until either Saturday January 1th 2011, or we fill our permit. Whichever comes first.

Late Registration teams do not receive a t-shirt and must pay a $5 per racer late fee, but we will save a place for you at the starting line! Sign up while you still can! We already have 200 racers on 40 teams preparing themselves for January! Sign up using the instructions immediately following this paragraph, or ask one of our POCAR officers from the officers list if you have any questions.


2011 Simplified Registration

If you are having trouble finding the hold harmless forms and payment registration forms located in the POCAR 2011 info document, please follow the simplified registration instructions below:

1) Complete the online registration form here
2) Have each racer read the POCAR 2011 info document .
3) Have each racer complete a hold harmless form.
4) Have your team complete a payment form.
5) Submit the complete payment and hold harmless forms to:
POCAR Registration
2334 South Beck Lane Apt 310
Lafayette IN, 47909

OR dropped off at any POC meeting: Tuesdays 7pm at the RSC room 122a.
Thank you for Racing POCAR 2011!

2011 Camping fees

The good news is that Yellowwood will only be charging us $5 per campsite, per team. If you have already submitted payment, we will refund your money on race day.

If your teams has already registered, but would now like a campsite, please indicate so on your payment form, or email the POCAR Registration Officer Nick Fico (email on officers sidebar)

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