POCAR Registration is now OPEN!

Registration for this years POCAR are now open. This year the race will be held at Morgan Monroe State Forest on Jan. 19 to Jan. 21 2013 (Martin Luther King weekend). To signup click the "register for 2013" under POCAR on the side bar.

Preliminary Info Packet

Brad "Gryllis" Thomas and his Super-sidekicks Nick Fico and Kyle Herwig have updated the the POCAR information with additional rules and regulations, please review them before registering so you are aware of the changes.  They have asked me to split up the POCAR packet, which I did and posted to this website.  Navigate to the Registration page for more information.

POCAR Registration is now OPEN!

Thats right.. POCAR Registration is OPEN.  select "Register for 2012" on the left and begin the process.  If you are having problems finding a team or team mambers, check out the stragglers page.. there might be others you could join forces with.  Navigate to Register --> find a team

POCAR 2012 Update

Registration should open up on October 25th.  We are making final plans as far as location and registration.  It will be an online registration system this year, hopefully lessening the paperwork.  More details to come....

POCAR Registration is now OPEN!

POCAR Registration is now OPEN!


When: January 13, 2018 - January 15, 2018   |    Where: Hoosier National Forest

2018 POCAR Coordinators

Gavin Achtemeier (Coordinator): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trey Roob (Volunteer Coordinator): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Victoria VanEtten (Registration Coordinator): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Four easy steps for POCAR Registration!


  • Appoint a Team Leader
  • Team Leader completes online registration for team
  • Each member completes a Hold Harmless Agreement form, reads the POCAR information packet and scrounges up registration money
  • Team Leader sends POCAR payment form with completed Hold Harmless Agreements and registration fees to address listed in all the documents below




Designate one person to register your team online

Register for POCAR
Click here to register your teaonline

Volunteer for POCAR
It's free: help out the coordinators

Read this entire page and download the required documents

Do not send money with ONLY names of racers. PLEASE include team name because this is a nightmare to deal with otherwise. 

Failure to provide the required forms by the deadline will result in the late registration fee per racer of $10.  If we do not have all required forms by the deadline, it's considered late.

Required Forms:

Each team MUST review POCAR information prior to registration :

If you are racing POCAR in 2018, select Team RegistrationEach team must select an individual or leader to register their team Registration for racers is by Group Only (4-6 racers).   If you decide to add/drop members, that is allowed, but the paperwork must be in by the deadline to avoid a late fee. Electronic registration is coming soon. Prices will be adjusted based on what Division(s) are part of the race teams. Volunteering is free.

If you are Volunteering for POCAR, choose POCAR Volunteer and register individually.

POCAR is non-refundabe.  Once you sign up, you are reserving a spot. Do not sign up and expect to cancel the registration. You are taking a spot away from someone else who wants to race.  There is a limit of ~250 racers.

The team members who raced the previous year and won need to contact the registration officer as soon as possible so a 100% discount can be added to your admission. (Just for you unless you are racing with the same winning team.)

The late registration fee is $10 per racer after December 15, 2017 as an attempt to prevent late registration this year.  Please get everything in by this date or be subjected to the extra cost. Any payment that is postmarked after December 15th will be considered late registration. The team must have all paperwork in by December 15th to be guaranteed a POCAR 2018 T-Shirt. 

Price Scheme per person for POCAR 2018 Racers
      Up to Dec. 15
   After Dec. 15   Verified by
Purdue Outing Club Member    
$30 $40 POC Roster  
College Student (Collegiate)
$50 $60 College
Everyone Else (Open)
$60 $70 None


POCAR: January 13, 2018 - January 15, 2018

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