POCAR 2019 Registration Update


Regular Registration Closes Decemeber 4th! After that date, prices will increase by $15 per person.

Our sponsorship coordinator is working hard at getting some cool prizes for racers this year!


Instructions to TooCOOL if link does not work:

1) Google "Purdue TooCool"

2) Click the first result ("Purdue TooCOOL Student Organizations")

3) look for "organization" on the left side of the top bar on the page and click on it

4) click on the box that has "search for.." (next to Organization)

5) Type "Outing"

6) Select "outing club general account"

7) Select Open or Collegiate

8) If paying for the entire team, insert the amount of team members in the quantity box or enter 1 if you are paying only for yourself

9) Select "add to cart"

10) Select "view cart"

11) Double check to make sure paying for the correct division and quantity

12) Click "Check out"

13) From there you will have to create and account (it does not have to be Purdue affiliated)

14) Proceed with payment by entering shipping address and card information

A note on TooCOOL: This is a new system that Purdue is using and is still working out the kinks. You may have to refresh the page or redo some steps to get to a certain point (ie, search the club), but it should work after that.


Also Please make sure that you are completing the 2018-2019 Club Sports Waiver




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