POCAR Final Results: 2011

Organizers: Kyle Herwig, Nick Fico, Liz Hoyt

Summary compiled by: Kyle Herwig and Nick Fico

  • POCAR 2011 challenged racers this year with new terrain and a new race layout! For the first time in two years, POCAR moved locations taking advantage of the fresh terrain in Yellowwood state forest. Also this year, racers were challenged with a major change in course layout. After circling scenic Yellowwood Lake, teams had to assess and navigate 26 checkpoints spread over 9 square miles of forest!

  • This year 47 teams accepted that challenge and 13 teams conquered it! Congratulations to team Bushwhacker for winning the open division in 18 hours and 43 minutes. Congratulations to the Cougar Patrol for winning the Colligate division in 30 hours and 20 minutes. Members of both teams race POCAR 2012 for free! We would also like to congratulate the Fighting Ferrets for hanging tough as the last team on the field and completing the course after 46 hours and 43 minutes!

  • The race organizers would like to extend special thanks to the radio support who made this year’s event run extra smooth and to Brandon Wampler for being the ‘4th coordinator’. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who donated their time helping out throughout the race and cleaning up the course once it was done. Lastly, we would like to thank all of the racers for coming out this year; it wouldn’t be POCAR without you!

Race Results

  • Official written race results and finishing times are listed on the following pages. Finishing times for each leg is based on when each team checked into the race HQ on Yellowwood Lake. The list of collected checkpoints is based on the punch card collected at this time as well. Punch card information is missing for some teams so if punch card information for your team is missing and you would like it to be included, please let the race organizers how many points you collected and the results will be updated.

  • Teams have been ranked by the number of checkpoints collected. Where more than one team has collected the same number of check points, teams are ranked by finishing time.

Overall Race Results - Results Spreadsheet - Divisional Results

Download these results to PDF

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