POCAR 2016 Team Finder

December 10, 2015 | Natalie Juhl

  Don't have a team for POCAR 2016 but want to join in on the fun!?! Here is a team finder so you can all participate and meet new people in the process! Don't forget, early registration ends on December 16th!!!   Read News


January 24, 2015 | Stephen Burd

Want to check your POCAR team's final time and score? Use the following link to see how you did and compare it to other teams.

http... Read News

POCAR 2015 Team Finder

December 8, 2014 | Stephen Burd

Are you looking to compete this year but don't have a full team?  Look no further!  Use the following link to sign up and find more team members.

Read News

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pocar2A map is supplied to each team which they use to navigate point-to-point in a specified order (expedition style). Once all valid points (yes, there are decoys) are visited, you have completed the course. At each check point (control) the team would sign in their name, the time they arrived, and any comment, serious or otherwise. This allows the race organizers and volunteers to track the progress of teams and supply assistance if a team was in jeopardy. A system of punches and punch cards is set up to verify a team has indeed found a checkpoint

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