Truckee River Flotage

On a lazy July Sunday afternoon 4 former POCers (and one honorary POCer) decided to take on the Truckee River on the west side of downtown Reno, NV. Ritwik, Joy, Randy, and Shelley raided the local discount store and bought classic air mats meant to be used in a swimming pool. We "put in" about 5 miles west/upstream of downtown and intended to take a lazy river ride into town. Instead we were battered by rocks and class 1 and class 2 rapids, and even a section hairy enough that required a "portage." Needless to say, most of our pool floaty toys didn't last! We ended up "taking out" just 2 miles into our journey owing to waning daylight and lack of buoyancy. We had great fun, nonethelss, and continually joked about the nature of this POC trip -- not your traditional hardcore adventure!

Pictures from this trip

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