October break 2000 - Whitewater rafting at New River Gorge

So we wake up in our nice hotel rooms on monday, and what do you know, there's freakin' snow on the ground and its 40 degrees out! Did we question our sanity, maybe just a little. In addition to that, our luck with the van never stops. Somehow, right before we were about to leave to go to the rafting place, the keys to the van get locked inside with the engine running. Luckily, Vladimir somehow unlocked a door using some string and wire. We get to the rafting place and they give us the scoop. Our original plans were to raft on the Lower Gulley, which includes many class 5 rapids, and is a 7 hour trip. The rafting guide suggests that we raft on the New River instead, since the water will be about 15 degrees warmer, and is only a 4-5 hour trip. We promptly took his advice. We also rented wetsuits to help keep the hypothermia away.

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