The Indiana Epic

This tale begins back in the Fall of 2011. I was getting tired of hearing people say that there is nothing to do in Indiana and they had to drive 5+ hours to do anything of interest. Well, I grew up in Indiana and wanted to prove that epicness could be achieved here in the Mid-West. To do so Amy Buckman and I would set out on an quest to do four of the club sports (kayaking, climbing, mtn. biking, and caving), all in one weekend and all in Indiana!

Needless to say this adventure would take a lot of planning and the right weekend didn't come until the spring of 2012. For those that don't know I drive a Honda Accord (not your typical kayak toting vehicle). However, with some ingenuity, a sleeping pad, clove hitch, and 2 prusiks we were able to securely strap the kayaks to the top of my Friggin' Honda. All the more reason not to make excuses like "my car doesn't have a roof rack" :'( WAH! With two kayaks, bikes, caving and climbing gear packed in the back we set out around 6pm for Portland Arch. We were able to get in one route of sandstone climbing before it got dark, then we hiked around, saw the arch, and enjoyed the peaceful spring evening.

Due to predicted rain in Brown County/Bedford for the next day we decided to head down to Corydon and the Blue River. After some car camping, scattered showers, an impromptu lean-to off the side of my car, and a delicious breakfast we got on the river. The put-in was right above a broken down dam which created a nice wave that we were able to play in for a few minutes. The rest of the river was a leisurely float to the take-out. We used the bikes we had locked up at the take-out to run a shuttle back to my car. On the way back we spotted Scout Mountain Winery and did some wine tasting and bought a highly recommended bottle called Red Tail Hawk. The rest of the day was spent driving to Brown County State Park, cooking a mouthwatering meal of hobos, and enjoying our wine around the campfire.

The next morning we went mountain biking on some surprisingly dry trails with only a few muddy spots. After about 2 hours on the trails we rode our bikes back to our campsite and packed everything up for the 30 minute car ride to Doghill-Donahue Cave. 

After a glorious pit stop at the Arby's near the entrance to the cave, we put on our caving gear and crawled into the dark hole. The section of Doghill-Donahue that we did is one of my favorites! There is about 1 mile of hiking through a shallow creek followed by a series of waterfalls that spill into deep pits of water below. The waterfalls and bathtubs get progressively taller and deeper the further you go into the cave. After 5 hours of climbing around and playing in the water we crawled out of the cave and (like the end to every epic POC adventure) got Mexican on the way home.

So the next time you are in Indiana and think there is nothing to do here, remember us and remember the Indiana Epic!
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