January 15, 1980

Tuesday January 15, 1980


The meeting was called to order by President Henry Wheeler.


Presidents report:

Wheeler had a bunch of equipment that belonged to other people from Christmas.


Old business: None.


New business:

The club has a bunch of magazines if people want to read them- on the honor system.  (?, is this the Outing club?)

A motion was given and seconded to get a bookshelf to to put in the office.  Dave Ade formed a committee, since nobody else could be talked, begged or bribed into doing it.

Henry Wheeler wants a special meeting to fix the skis.  The people who come and work on them get first choice as to which ones they use.

There was a long discussion (argument) over the present maintenance of skis.

Membership cards are in.

This was Bob Henry's last meeting- he went to California.

Henry invited anyone who ends up in California to Bob's place for free food & lodging.


Tetons trip:

There were too many switchbacks on the Garnet Canyon trail.  Harrell spent the trip making a luxurious (and well stocked) snow cave.  Then they climbed the middle Teton.  Homa, Harrison, and Wheeler got to the top of it.  It was a beautiful day.


Bill Combs climbed the South Teton.  If he climbs it snows.  He got there and there was no snow so he decided to go climbing so that everyone else could ski.  It snowed.  He's done it 5 times and never had clear weather.

Smiley lead a melted ice climb.


Trips out:

Cross country ski race this weekend at Purdue Golf Course.

Sunday, goof-off expedition at Happy Hollow Park.

Meet at Slayter Center at 7:00.  Bring your goof-ff boots and hats.  FREE CHILLI (probably fermented by now.)

Sunday 27th- cross country ski repair.  274 Littleton.

Pizza or something for dinner.


Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Kussmaul, Secretary

Founded in 1946 
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