January 9, 1979


Tuesday January 9, 1979


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Henry Wheeler.  Due to a semester sabbatical taken by Pres. John Harrell, the proper procedure for appointing a new president is being looked into.


New Business

It was unanimously voted to renew our subscription to "Summit".  Bill received a letter from Joan and Doug Radant asking if anyone might be interested in a trip to the Bugaboos.


Trip Reports

Henry told about the "chilly" (-60) Teton's trip, where they apparently spent a good bit of the time warming up at the Mangy Moose and barbecuing trucks over a charcoal fires.  Sometime in there they did manage to do a little skiing and during a heat wave (-20) they climbed the South but kept falling off rocks because of a very strong wind.

A skiing trip to Canada was reported by Jim Putnam.  They had several educational and enlightening experiences.  For instance: the fish in Lake Superior can't be eaten because they are full of mercury, there is a $28 fine for not wearing a seatbelt in Ontario, and Mark Truax wears funny underwear.

At a bonfire held at Jim Bauer's it was discovered that Pete is definitely not shy.


Trips Out

Next two weekends: ice climbing Sun. meet 9:00 at Slater

skiing if anyone is interested

Interest sheet was put out for a trip to see Truax's cadaver


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