October 10, 1978

Tuesday October 10, 1978


The meeting was called to order by President John Harell at 7:00pm.  The minutes were read and approved.  John reminded everyone to get their release forms in to the Co-Rec.


Old Business:

Henry Wheeler suggested that due to the high cost of renting films we order 2 or more at a time and show them to the public in Fowler Hall with a small admission charge.  The only Sat. open for the hayride is Nov. 4.  Members still expressed interest.  Jim Putnam the new official equipment chairman, asked that all club equipment be returned.


New Business:

We have been offered a number of free packs if we keep track of how often they are worn, the amount of weight and the condition after each uses.  Root moved that a committee be appointed to study needed equipment for the club.  He was subsequently appointed chairman.  David Ade recommended that the carbide be kept in the cage so it is more accessible.


Trip Reports:

Pete and Repeat gave a surprisingly brief report of a cave trip to Conahue and the Hilly Hundred bike race at Bloomington.  Bob Henry told of the Devil's Lake trip which began late Fri. evening with a $40 ticket for Root for disregarding a one way sign -- twice, and ended Sun. afternoon with a $2.50 fine (earned by the same vehicle) for not having a parking sticker.  More fortunate were several others who successfully dodged the search light while "borrowing" some wood from the park.  There was a report of a relaxing backpacking excursion to Turkey Run.


Trips Out:

Caving next 2 Sundays 6:00am at Women's Gym

Climbing at Kickapoo Sun. 9:00am (meet at Slayter)

Bike trip Sun. 9:00am (meet at Slayter)

An interest sheet was put out for the Teton's and mention was made of a possible backpacking trip to Hoosier Natl. Forest over Thanksgiving and the Adirondacks over Christmas.

The meeting was adjourned and followed by a talk on boots by Bob Henry.


Respectfully Submitted,

Janet Clay, Secretary

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