Nov 7, 1973

Nov 7, 1973

Called to order by Ken at 7:05pm.  Minutes read and approved.  No treasurer's report.



Rollins reported that we can use Co-Rec Snowshoes.  There are 12 pair with some sort of bindings and 2 pair with none.  Many of the bindings are in poor condition.

There was not a quorum so no vote could be taken on the equipment list therefore its reading was postponed until next meeting.

However Bob Doran had done some research on his own and insisted that his equipment recommendations be entered in the minutes.  Thus we have the following list:

1 tapper and keg size refrigerator

3 croquet sets

1 badminton set

2 Jerry back-pack baby carriers

2 picnic baskets

5 cots and 2 double bed cots (which can only be checked out for 2 days)

3 catalitic heaters

1 pair binoculars for "bird" watching

1 port-a-let

6 pint size hip canteens

1 shuffleboard set

This list was compiled after much thought and due to the lethargic spirit that seems to be present Bob decided this equipment was most appropriate.


Trip Reports

Al & Bob Apt 27 party & pub later


Trips Out

Dec 1 Warren Dunes - hiking - Roger

Dec 2 Fall Creek Gorge - hiking - Rollins

Nov 23 - Caving - Rollins

Motion was made & passed to buy some paper and ditto masters for club use.

Due to the Energy Crisis Al suggested writing Congressmen about not dumping Environmental Standards as a partial solution.


Next meeting Dec 4 S. center 212


Adjourned - 8 P.M.

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