Newsletter 10/20/15

Hey Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a spectacular October Break and weekend! I know I did! It's been a couple of weeks since the club met so there was plenty to talk about!

Elizabeth Frye, backpacking consultant, talked to us about how to poop in the woods! We watched a punny YouTube video teaching everyone the best methods for pooping in the woods courteously and safely. Check it out here:
Frye's Pro Tips: Remember Leave No Trace, find a tree and a nice view(or you'll get bored), and you should be good!

Congratulations to Ellen Wright for being elected as a Backpacking Consultant! She's got lots of presentation ideas and backpacking experience! Can't wait to see what she has planned!

Past Happenings:
POCtoberfest happened! That's what!
Everyone there went on some super rad trips and West Virginia was absolutely gorgeous as always! A lot of peeps went hiking(there were multiple trips a day!) and took some very nice photos! The backpackers went down to the Kaymoor Mines and did some bushwhacking, even saw a waterfall! And no one injured themselves at the waterfall this year! However, our VP, Evan did break his collarbone mountain biking on the first day, but he's all stitched up now! Some super cool people had a great time rafting and kayaking on the Gauley River on Sunday and Monday. There were rapids galore, a bit of bouldering, and a whole lot of tossing people in the river. You must be wet at all times when rafting! A couple of neat caving trips went out too! Goodwill shopping was a necessity, and if you didn't end up covered in mud from head to toe, did you even really go caving? There were some hardcore climbers at POCtoberfest this year that went out on trips all 3 days! Lots of stunning pictures from!
those trips as well! Check out Instagram, Facebook, or the POC website if you wanna see the beautifulness!

Aside from the gloriousness that is POCtoberfest,we heard about some cool people who went to Rocktoberfest, and Mikey J and Mark ran a marathon in Chicago over October Break! Awesome!

This past weekend Joe and some other POCers went rock climbing! Sweet! Yours truly ran in the Boilermaker Half Marathon and 5K last weekend! It was pretty cold but still awesome! In other news, Stephen and Frye traveled down to Southern Indiana to do some scouting for POCAR! Can you guess which forest POCAR will be in this year? You've got a 1 in 3 chance of getting it!

This Week's Happenings:
Frye is taking a beginner orienteering trip down to Southern Indiana on Saturday! If you want to learn how to navigate through the woods with only a UTM, map, and compass, this is the trip for you! It's also great for brushing up on your orienteering skills if you plan to race in POCAR this year! *hint hint, wink wink: Frye is the coordinator this year!* Contact her if you are interested in going, cars are welcomed! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
There may be some POCers going down to The Red this weekend too, so search through your emails for that announcement if you want to do some climbing this weekend!

Future Happenings:
At next week's meeting we will have a guest speaker from Project Kids Network! Come learn about this awesome organization and all of the programs they have to offer!
In two weeks, the mountain bikers will be giving a presentation at the meeting and you might even hear Mikey J rap!

Another Kayaking Lock-In is scheduled for Dec 4th, the Friday before Dead Week from 8PM to midnight! Come mess around in the diving well and eat pizza with the kayakers! You could learn how to roll a kayak while you're at it, or just sit in the hot tub and goof around! Either way, it's always a fun time! You should go! Look for the announcement e-mail closer to the date!
The climbing lock-in, probably at HHI, is coming up too! Pizza will be there as well, and we stay overnight at Hoosier Heights and it's a blast for all skill levels! Look for the e-mail from the climbing consultants!

The club's next BIG event will be next semester soon after spring classes start! The annual Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race (POCAR) will be on MLK Jr holiday weekend, that's Jan 16th-18th this year! Get pumped!! You, as POCers can volunteer to help out during POCAR or put a winning team together to race it! The race is a great way to challenge yourself and master your navigation skills using only a UTM grid system, map and compass! And there are prizes for the teams that finish! We will need about 30-40 volunteers this year, and volunteering is a great way to get in on the POCAR fun if trekking through the woods night and day isn't your cup of tea. Lots of campfire sitting and patrolling will be involved, all in good fun! There may even be a CPR class set up for volunteers who want to get certified. It's always good to know how to save a life! If you want to help set up the course itself, there will be some peeps driving down to the race location the weekend before school !
starts, Jan 9th! Look for those emails later in the semester!

The Holy Boulders Competition sign up closes this Friday, Oct 23! If you like bouldering and want to support a worthy cause, you should sign up here:
All skill levels are welcome from Beginner to BEAST MODE! There is a division for everyone! They need to raise $115,000 so they can keep their land and secure future bouldering for all! Show some support and go climb with them on Nov 7th! If you need a ride, send out an email to the list and see who has a car and wants to go!

If there is some skill or outdoor topic you really want to learn more about, email Natalie and she will set up a talk!
Any other questions, feel free to email the Pres, Natalie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the secretary, Victoria (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)!

Final words of wisdom:

Kiss your knees!! They're very important!!

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