Newsletter 10/6

Hi POCers!!

The club held it's weekly Tuesday meeting and we talked about a bunch of awesome stuff that happened or is going to happen soon!

This is What Happened:
The Caving Festival was last weekend and there was a good amount of Purdue peeps there and a ton of IU students too! It was a wonderful weekend! They went to lots of caves and the temperature was quite warm inside compared to the cold outside of the caves. They even got t-shirts as proof, and one of our caving consultants modeled it for everyone at the meeting!
Kayakers went on a trip and took some first timers out to East Race to do some white-water kayaking in South Bend! And Trey canoeing in the Wabash! Brave soul
We also had a POCer who participated in some Gaelic sports with the hurling team!
On top of that, Bucket 100 happened last weekend! Natalie and a few other cool people biked from Purdue to IU over the weekend! Day 1 was a pretty rough because of the nonstop rain, but they said that Day 2 was absolutely beautiful, a perfect day to ride!
Awesome guys!

This is What IS Happening:
We've been talking about it for weeks and now it is finally here! POCTOBERFEST!! Get PUMPED!! Minden, West Virginia here we come!

If you are attending POCtoberfest this weekend, here are a few things you need to know!
1. If you are driving your own vehicle and you find yourself in a pickle, the pink card you should have received from Natalie is your lifeline! If for some reason you are in an accident, call the police first of all, then call Mark Hendrickson (the club supervisor), and finally call Natalie (her name and number is written on the back of your card). They will get you taken care of.
2. We have a ton of CPR Certified and First-Aid certified people going on the trip, so that is definitely a plus!
3. You all came up with some really cool ideas for activities and games to play after dark at POCtoberfest! Here are some of the ones I caught flying around.

• Capture the flag
• Slacklining
• Man hunt
• Tug-of-war
• A scavenger hunt
• Freeze tag
• Glow in dark everything!
• Mini POCAR
• Tree planting
• Soccer
• Frisbee
• Wood splitting
• The human knot
• Football
• Playing card games
• Teaching ourselves how to juggle

The possibilities are endless! Email me your ideas if you have any more!
4. If you need to check out gear from the gear closet, do so on Wednesday or Thursday. Do not try to check out any sport specific gear like climbing shoes, harnesses, rope, kayaks, etc. The sport consultants have got that covered! However, you can definitely check out any tents (coordinate sleeping arrangements with your car), backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, and cooking equipment that you might need for the trip. Do that ASAP; the gear is checked out on a first come, first serve basis.
5. Other things to consider packing would be shampoo and a towel. There will be showers available for your use. And you can bring a swimsuit if you're daring enough. Remember, it's October.
6. If you want to go kayaking at POCtoberfest, make sure you talk to the kayaking consultants about it BEFORE POCtoberfest.
And if you want to go caving, you might want to bring some extra money to buy caving clothes at a nearby goodwill because you Will get dirty. You will not go caving if you do not have the clothes for it. Email Mariah (MariahEAM at if you want to cave or with any questions you have about caving!
7. Plan to leave for Minden with your car on Friday and most cars will drive back on Tuesday. Everyone is expected to be packed up and leaving the campground by noon on Tuesday. Don't forget to bring gas money for your drivers who are paying for gas out of their pockets! Bring a wad of cash if you have to! It's a good idea to bring some cash on this trip.

As mentioned above, POCtoberfest is happening! Woo! Stephen Burd will be holding a cleaning clinic tonight at 1800 hours! Location: TBA. If you plan on climbing at POCtoberfest, you should go and learn how to clean your route after you climb! It is very important that you know how to Top Rope Belay also. Email Stephen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested in attending the clinic and climbing at POCtoberfest! IF you do not plan on climbing, do not talk to Stephen. There will probably be more clinics later in the semester if you still want to learn, but you will not be at POCtoberfest.

If you aren't going to POCtoberfest there are still plenty of adventures to be had here in town! Hannah is going mountain biking this weekend on some of the local trails. Email her at hmackins at if you're interested!
Also, the Chicago Marathon is this weekend! And Caesar is going to North Carolina! Have fun guys!

This is What is Going to Happen:
Some super cool trips are planned for after Fall Break! A beginner orienteering trip will be going out on October 24th so keep an eye out for emails from Frye about it! Also, if you have a car and/or are interested in learning how to navigate the wilderness with a map and compass, email the POCAR Coordinator Elizabeth Frye (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)!
A tentative beginner climbing trip could be scheduled for October 24th as well!
A caving trip is coming up on November 14th! Look for Mariah's or another caving consultant's email for more details!
The Red Point Rumble will be here on campus on November 21st at the Co-Rec!

Pro Tips:
If you are going to POCtoberfest this weekend, it is everyone's duty to learn Country Roads by John Denver when you hit West Virginia and you can learn Wagon Wheel while you're at it!

Keep on adventuring and BE CAREFUL ALWAYS!

Enjoy your Fall Break! See you in a couple of weeks!


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