Newsletter 03/25/15

Hey kids! 
I hope you all had an awesome Spreak '15 and did something totally awesome and rad!
This is what happened:
The backpackers went to the Gila Wilderness and did some backpacking and pooping in the woods! They got lost a little on the way there and met a friendly elk and had to do some itinerary switching up and ended up out a day early and had Spreakgiving with all their extra food! No one lost a boot so over all a successful trip!
The rock climbers went down south to do some rock climbing a got rained out on multiple occasions. They rock climbed in Arkansas, went to the St. Patties Day parade in New Orleans, drove around Georgia and then ended Spreak at the Red climbing and enjoying Miguel's pizza.
The kayakers rented a cabin and did some yakkin' in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia and it was the best.
The backpacking/mountain biking trip went to the Smoky Mountains. They backpacked for five days then mountain biked/visited the kayakers/did touristy things for the remained of Spreak. It was awesome sauce. 
This is what is happening:
Next week we will be holding elections for 2015-2016 officers. If you want to be an officer make sure you have been nominated, you can nominate yourself, and you MUST show up to the meeting next week. The more people we have at the meeting the better, this way everyone gets to place their vote or run for a position. Here is the link to nominate: You can nominate multiple people for one position, one for each position or none for certain positions. I will give a brief run down of duties for each position.
President - The president mostly deals with all the paperwork the CoRec requires, approving official climb activities and purchases, and keeping the other officers motivated to take trips and do their duties as required.
Vice President - The vice president is in there to help the president in their duties, this person will go to meetings when the president can't and run the club meetings when the president cannot attend. The vice president is also in charge of organizing for the call outs in the Fall and Spring.
Secretary - The secretary sends out the weekly newsletter so they must be able to attend the meetings. This person keeps the club and the officers of the club informed of any news that is important. The secretary also steps in for the president when the vice president cannot.
Treasurer - The treasurer deals with all  money and paperwork about money that goes through the club. The treasurer deals with BOSO and needs to be able to us computer programs such as excel. This job is busy around the Fall and Spring callout and POCAR.
Health and Safety - The health and safety officer keeps a record of all club members that are CPR and first aid certified and makes sure there are enough of those people on each official club trip.
Publications officer - The publications officer is responsible for helping design t-shirts, flyers and signs for club events.
Webmaster - The webmaster approves emails, fixes the webpage and assists in any questions concerning the email list of webpage.
Climbing Consultant - Climbing consultants teach new climbers the basics of climbing, crag etiquette, belaying, etc. Maintain club climbing gear.
Trad Climbing Consultant - Trad climbing consultant has the same duties and climbing consultant with a wider knowledge of climbing, must know how to trad climb.
Ice Climbing Consultant - Ice climbing consultant is a new position. This person will be in charge of taking ice climbing trips to beginner ice climbing places (Pea Body's) and learning more about ice climbing so it can return more prominently to the club. 
Kayaking Consultant - Kayaking consultants teach new kayakers how to kayaker and hold biweekly roll sessions in the dive pool at the CoRec. The kayaker will be choosing their consultants because kayaking is such a dangerous sport is is safer for them to choose who the consultants are. Maintain club kayaking gear.
Mountain Biking Consultant - Mountain biking consultant teach new mountain bikers and maintain close ties with the Lafayette mountain biking groups. Maintain club mountain bikes.
Backpacking Consultant - Backpacking consultants take backpacking trips and teach proper backpacking etiquette. Maintain club backpacking gear.
Caving Consultant - Caving consultants take caving trips and maintain close ties with IU caving club and other caving clubs to further caving knowledge. Maintain club caving gear.
Gear Consultant - Gear consultants open the gear closet once or twice a week. Make sure gear is returned in a timely fashion and gear checks are completed by other officers.
POCtoberfest Coordinator - POCtoberfest coordinator is in charge of preparing for POCtoberfest, getting the campsite, setting up driver board, ordering shirts, ordering pizza, etc.
POCAR Race Coordinator - POCAR race coordinator runs and plans POCAR. Must have experience orienteering and either volunteered or race POCAR in previous years.
POCAR Registration Coordinator - POCAR registration coordinator deals with getting teams registered for POCAR before the race and during.
POCAR Volunteer Coordinator - POCAR volunteer coordinator sets up driver board for volunteers, plans the pasta dinner the Thursday before the race for racers and volunteers, plans the dinner held for volunteers during POCAR, sets up shift schedule for volunteers and helps in maintaining the volunteers during the race.
POCAR Sponsorship Coordinator - POCAR sponsorship coordinator talks to companies and tries to get them to sponsor POCAR in any way they can. 
This is what is going to happen:
Protect What's Holy bouldering competition is happening THIS Saturday the 28th!! There are 48 people registered currently which is awesome but the more the merrier!! You know you wanna show off your super rad bouldering skills! Luckily for you, Ryan is keeping registration open just a bit longer so go here quick and register: and you can also pay online here: If you wanna be lame don't wanna boulder but you wanna be less lame you can help out, the competition is from 8am-4pm, show up anytime you can ask what you can do to help! Any questions comments or concerns you can email Ryan here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Campus to Coast is a 160 mile, 57 hour boat paddling race that MSU Outing Club holds every year and will be April 10-12th. If you don't have a boat, not a problem! You can rent a boat from MSU and paddle your little heart out! To learn more or register click here: The deadline to mail in your registration is the 27th of this month, so go here: to find a teammate and send in your registration, you know you want to!
Cover Indiana is a bicycling tour that is held the week after finals week. For Purdue students this is totally free! All you have to is fill out a form and fund raise $350 and then bike around for a week. For more info and registration form click here:
Pro Tips
We will be holding a gear swap during our meeting April the 7th so if you're looking to get rid of something and gain something else this is a good place to do it! Look out for more emails about this in the coming weeks. If you want to be an officer makes sure the other consultants know how you are and you are confident in the sport you are running for. Go to the bouldering competition, it is for a good cause and will be super fun! Its getting warm out so look out for emails about slacklining and hammocking!

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