Newsletter 03/10/15

Hello my friendly POC friends!
Spreak '15 is NEXT week!! Only a couple more days and most of us will be in the wilderness breathing the fresh air and sharing stories around a campfire!
This is what happened:
Ryan and Sara held  super awesome route cleaning clinic on Sunday. 6 people learned some awesome skills and then some other cool kids came over to watch a climbing movie and eat pizza and cookies!
There was a caving trip over the weekend and the cavers had a totes awesome time crawling around in the mud. No one had a panic attach, threw up or died, what a success!!
 Some chilly people went ice climbing over the weekend and spent some time making some pizza on the engine of a jeep, yum! Here's a video of their excitement:
This is what is happening:
At the meeting Mariah gave a presentation on wilderness first aid. If you missed it, I've attached the presentation, give it a look especially if are going on a Spreak trip!
Officer election will be on March 31st. All positions are up for grabs! If you want to elect someone click this link:
This is what is going to happen:
Protect What's Holy bouldering competition is coming up right here at Purdue. This event will be on March 28th at the bouldering wall at the CoRec. Online registration is OPEN! Pre-registration is $30 and that includes a tank top!  Here is the online registration form:, and to pay online go here: For more info and instructions click here:
Campus to Coast is a 160 mile, 57 hour boat paddling race that MSU holds annually. No boat? No problem! You can rent a boat from MSU! For more info go here: If you have decided this is totally something you wanna do but you don't have a team go here:
Cover Indiana is a bicycling tour that starts in Lafayette, goes down into southern Indiana and then ends in Indy. It takes place the week after finals and is a super rad way to start your summer! Another plus is, the registration fee is waived for Purdue students!! Click here for more info and registration:
Make sure to look at the wilderness first aid so you don't die on Spreak!! Have a super awesomely rad best time ever on Spreak and make sure to come to the meeting on the Tuesday after break and share all your pictures and awesome times with the group!
Have fun my friends!

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