Newsletter 02/24/15

Hello all adventure seekers!
If you haven't noticed you are in the gnarliest club on campus, congratulations! Do something cool this weekend and then come to the meeting and tell us all how awesome you are!
This is what happened:
Katherine and Leanna went to the Mega Cavern in Louisville: 
They did some awesome mountain biking and then jumped in the river with some kayakers for chilly 'yakin.
Ryan went to the opening of Evo Rock Indy: It was totally awesome and a nice change from HHI and the CoRec wall. 
Evan and Trey went for a run on the southern half of the Heritage Trail and they will be running the second half this weekend if you think you might be into that.

This is what is happening:
At the meeting Sara and Elizabeth did a food demo on what to eat when you're doing POC things. I've attached the power point they used in case you missed it! 
Officer elections will be coming up soonish! All positions are up for grabs, so if you think you are super awesome at your sport and you're thinking about running for a position make sure you let us see how good you really are and make friends!
This is what is going to happen:
The climbing lock-in is on Friday! If you haven't signed up you can still go but you will need to find your own way there and you are not guaranteed pizza. Those of you who are going make sure you contact your car so you know where to meet and when to leave, the lock-in begins at 9pm!
Cover Indiana is a week long bike tour that starts in Lafayette, goes south and comes back up to finish in Indy.
Cover Indiana takes place the week after finals week, so if you want something exciting to start your summer this could be just the thing! Purdue students get their sign up fee waived so all you have to do is raise $350. There is a call out about Cover Indiana today, February 25th and tomorrow the 26th at 7pm in Lawson B151.
Campus to Coast is a canoe/boat/floating device race the MSU holds every year. This race is roughly 160 miles and 57 hours long (depending on when you finish and how fast your arms can paddle). MSU always sends people to POCAR so its nice for some POCers to participate in Campus to Coast. For more info:
 There were a couple trips talked about at the meeting that the rest of you will just have to wait and see when an email is sent about them, good luck!
Look out for emails about cool trips coming up in the near future. Spreak '15 is just around the corner and POCers do some pretty rad stuff during Spreak! Jump on those trips as soon as you see them!


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