Newsletter 01/13/15

Frozen adventurers!

This is what happened:
Hopefully you all did some awesome adventurous things while you were on break!!
This is what is happening:
If you missed the meeting, you missed the introduction of all of our officers, but if you go to our website all their names are their and if you have any questions just email them and let them know! Look out for emails about beginner trips there will be plenty of them going out! Here is the link for POC website:
This is what will happen:
There are lots of happenings in the near future! 
First up, this Thursday, January 15 at 8:00pm at 506 Hayes street we will be having a carb loading pasta dinner for all racers and volunteers! If you want to help prepare the pasta dinner and maybe have a dance party show up at 7pm and help out! Remember this is a club event so no alcohol is allowed at all!! 
Next, POCAR. POCAR is THIS weekend. If you are attending you hopefully have a ride down there and know when you are leaving and returning. If not, email Katherine and let her know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are racing, good luck! We are very excited to see you all down there and cheer you on in the race to the finish! Here is a list of items Katherine sent out that you might want to bring: 
-Clothing to bring/wear	
-gloves-multiple pairs in case one gets wet
-thermals-leggings and long sleeve shirt
-wool socks-at least 3 pairs
-waterproof pants
-insulating jacket
-fleece jacket
-waterproof jacket (i.e. rain jacket-will also block the wind)
-warm/waterproof boots
-Camping items
-hand sanitizer
-hand warmers
-share a tent with car mates
-sleeping pad (very important-barrier between you and frozen ground)
-sleeping bag rated for below freezing
-food-3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks (the cold makes your body use more energy==need more food)
-make sure to bring all the food you need, you might not have the chance to go to walmart once the race starts. Maybe connect with your car for a planned grocery store run before heading down 
-feel free to bring things that need to be refridgerated-the cold will manage that
-small stove if making hot food-really annoying to those around you if you're always borrowing theirs-propane is expensive
-water bottle-very important!
-toothbrush and toothpaste-we might not be able to smell you under all the layers, but your breath will still be able to reach us
-face wipes if you really want them
-you may or may not be brave enough to put a frozen stick of deoderant to your skin-your choice
-but don’t kid your self with anything else, there are no showers
-blanket if you have room-really nice to curl up under near the fire but be warned, anything near a fire has the chance of getting holes burned into it from popping embers 
There will be a chili dinner during POCAR as well one of the nights for the volunteers! Hope to see you all at POCAR!!
The callout for this semester will be in CL50 at 7pm on Tuesday January 27th. Even if you are already in the club you can still come and hang out! Bring your friends! We will be flier for the callout during next weeks meeting, please come and help us out next week to flier everything! Look out for emails with more info. 
The SOGA grant is a grant that we can receive each semester for community service activities. We have used it for Muir Valley and the mountain bikers have used it for trail building in Lafayette. Click the link for more info: you have an idea for this let us know!!
Keep an eye on the email list for beginner trips, there should be plenty coming up in the near future! Come out to the callout in CL50 on January 27th at 7pm. Participate in POCAR, volunteer, race, what ever you want, it's not too late to join in!! 
Stay warm my friends!!

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