Newsletter 12/09/14

Attention wacky adventure junkies,
Hopefully you made it to our eventful last meeting of the semester but if not...
This is what happened:
Lots and lots of people went to the climbing and kayaking lock-in. Swimming and boating were a highlight of the kayakin and foam lung was a highlight of the climbin, overall a stellar time was had by all who attended.
This is what is happening:
If you missed the meeting you missed a show! Alex Schmidberger gave a glorious final performance of his cold weather survival demo. Clothes were put on and clothes were thrown off, but don't worry, videos were taken! Cold weather demo tips: wear appropriate boots for what you are doing, lots of warm socks, layers layers layers, thick pants, heavy coat, mittened gloves, neck gators, leg gators(all the gators), hat that covers your ears(rabbit fur optional), don't forget to eat and drink, if you have to pee-do it don't hold it, sleep with liquids and clothes in bottom of sleeping bag, cuddle for warmth. #POCARtraining
We finally have a new treasurer for next semester. Alex Weldy won the vote by a landslide(def. had nothing to do that he was the only one interested in the job). A little about Alex, he really enjoys scavenging the great unknown for treasurer and is handy in celestial navigation, various climate survival, forging and lock picking all useful and qualities of a good treasurer. Other useless skills include counting and being able to use excel. Congratulations to our new treasurer Alex!
The SOGA grant is a grant that Purdue organizations can utilize for community service opportunities, we have used it in the past for a mountain biking trail day and our Muir Valley trail day. If you have a community service opportunity you would like the club to do applying for this grant would be a great idea! Here's some more info on it: 
Last semester Alex Schmidberger(former president) applied the club for a fundraising award that Rec Sports gives out and we won it! Not only did we get this totally awesome framed certificate, which is in the gear closet for those of you wanting to admire it, we also got $300! Since this award was won because of fundraising and our only fundraising event is POCAR, the $300 will be used to pay for POCAR expenses.
This is what is going to happen:
Speaking of POCAR, it's just around the corner!! POCAR stands for the Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race. It's a 50ish mile 48 hour orienteering race held in southern Indiana over MLK weekend, January 17-19. Early registration prices are: POC member - $30, College student - $50, Everyone else - $60. Early registration ends December 17th so register NOW! If you register after December 17th the price goes up $10. Click here for register: If you don't think running around for 48 hours in the woods in the winter is your kinda thing, volunteer! Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet your fellow POC members. This is a essentially FREE weekend of playing in the woods, the only thing you will have to pay for is food for the weekend, all gas and POCAR related expenses will be reimbursed by POC. You will also get a warm dinner provided by POC one of the three nights. Volunteering will be super fun and super cuddly so join in the fun, we need all the volunteers we can get! Also! If you sign up to volunteer in the next two weeks you are guaranteed  to get a free POCAR t-shirt! Sign up now: 
All gear MUST be returned to the gear closet by next Friday, December 19th. If you are wanting to check gear out for Christmas break you need to notify one of the gear consultants Theresa, Evan or myself that you would like to do this. If you do not contact one of us for approval and your gear in not in the closet by the time I leave campus on Friday, I will be giving your name and other information to the administration of Rec Sports and your gear closet privileges will be revoked. Please just turn in your gear so none of us have to deal with this! Gear closet openings are on the website and at the bottom of every POC email, like this one!
Also, there will be no meeting until January, enjoy your break and do something adventurous!

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