POC Newsletter 1/10/06

- - -POCAR is this weekend. If you want to help with all the fun, email Monica (davis51 at volunteer. If you have any questions about the race email Ryan (rblank at
- - -If you are artistic or have any ideas for POC T-shirt designs email Noah (nduncan at
- - -The club callout is Wednesday January 25th at 7:30pm in PHYS 112. Everyone should help spread the word.
- - -If you have any cool pictures that would make a good flyer, email them to me (joek at and I will do the rest.
- - -Kayakers there is a roll session on Wednesday in the diving pool from 8- 9:30pm. This semester there will also be roll sessions on Fridays (the time is TBA) This is open to everyone to come and learn some skills.

Outgoing Trips:

- - -If you want to go climbing at Climb Time Towers in indy on Wednesday meet behind the RSC at 5:30pm.
- - -If you want to go climbing at Climb Time Towers in indy on Thursday meet behind the RSC at 6:00pm.
- - -POCAR!!!!

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints in the form of a written Rube Goldberg machine taking at least 10 unrelated sentences to convey the message, and then send it to me at JoeK at

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