POC Newsletter 10/25/05

- - -POCAR registration is now open! Rather than waste valuable characters repeating everything that has already been sent out, go to the website ( to get all the details for this year. If you have any questions about the race email Ryan (rblank at, registering email Nell (egamble at, or volunteering email Monica (davis51 at
- - -The Climb Time Towers lock-in is next week on Friday November 4th. There will be great amounts of good times had by all. You don't have to climb or even like climbing to have fun there. The night usually consists of climbing, rappelling, slack lining, games, stupid stunts, and craziness. For a small fee of $10 you get climbing gear, soda, pizza, and a night of fun and games. It will run from 8:30pm until the next morning. Bring a sleeping bag if you think you might want to sleep. Also bring any fun group games like twister.
- - -If you are artistic or have any ideas for POC T-shirt designs email Noah (nduncan at
- - - If you couldn't make it to the callout and want to join our marvelous club, just come to any of our Tuesday night meetings in the RSC room 122 at 7pm to pay dues and sign a waiver. You should also join the mailing list, but since you are reading this you probably have already.
- - -It's the start of a new year and you know what that means, everyone needs to fill out new hold harmless (grey) and insurance (white) forms for this year.
- - -Driving Form! If you think you might drive on a trip this year (it could happen, and probably will), you need to fill out a driver release form. You will also need to turn in a photocopy of your insurance card with the form.
- - -Kayakers there is a roll session on Wednesday in the diving pool from 8-9:30pm. This is open to everyone to come and learn some skills.

Outgoing Trips:

- - -If you want to go climbing at Climb Time Towers in indy on Thursday meet behind the RSC at 4:00pm.
- - -If you want to go climbing at Climb Time Towers in indy on Saturday meet behind the RSC at 12:00pm.
- - -There is a Halloween orienteering race Saturday night. It will have 1hr and 2hr courses and only costs $10. It is very fun, you get candy at some checkpoints, you can do it in costume, and it is good training for POCAR. Email Ryan (rblank at if you want to go.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, write them in a hurry because you have way to much to do this week like I did this email, and then send it to me at JoeK at

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