POC Newsletter 8/23/05

- - -The callout is next Wednesday the 31st in Phys 112, be there, bring your friends (even if it requires the use of damaging psycho-manipulation).
- - -It's the start of a new year and you know what that means, everyone needs to fill out new hold harmless (grey) and insurance (white) forms for this year.
- - -Driving Form! If you think you might drive on a trip this year (it could happen, and probably will), you need to fill out a driver release form.

Outgoing Trips:

- - -Anyone that wants to go climbing at Climb Time Towers in Indy should meet behind the RSC at 5:30pm on Thursday.
- - -Anna may go kayaking for an afternoon in Wildcat Creek, email her (acmarsh at if you are interested.
- - -Noah is going climbing in the Red River Gorge in KY, email him (nduncan at for the details.
- - -Jason may go mountain biking in Kickapoo, email him (jhscott at if have a bike, a helmet, and want to go.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, write them in the form of a long pointless story that doesn't go anywhere and ends with you finding five bucks, then send them to me at JoeK at

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