POC Newsletter 4/19/05


- - -Kayakers, there is a roll session Friday from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the diving pool. Go play in the pool ".because splashy-splashy is the aquatic equivalent of 'Would you like some coffee?'"

Outgoing Trips:

- - -If you are planning to (drive) go to Towers this week you should send out an email. No one said they were going, due to the uber-short meeting (oh yeah dodge ball is that important).
- - -Noah is heading to The Red for some climbing, email him (nduncan at if you are interested.
- - - Heather is going mountain biking in Towne Run either Saturday or Sunday, email her (hl.oaks at if you want to go.
- - -Jason is going mountain biking in Kickapoo either Saturday or Sunday (whichever one Heather doesn't go to towne run), email him (jhscott at to go.
- - -Laura is riding to go play some disk golf on Thursday, email her (lpillsbu at for the details.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, record them on a piece of microfilm hidden inside of a rubber duck that is oddly placed in a bird's nest in the engineering mall, and send the directions to me at JoeK at

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