Annual Labor Day Trip!

mountaineeringIt’s time for the annual Labor Day trip out in Colorado for some 14,000 ft mountain love! On the menu this year is Huron Peak (14,003’)!  This is one of the easier peaks in Colorado however, we do have options to make the route longer for those who want it. In general there is a short option that is 9.2 miles round trip, a long option at 13 miles, and an option that ranges from 10-13 miles that takes us up as many as 4 extra 13,000 ft peaks. Everyone will make a net elevation gain of 3750 feet though the ones who choose to do the multi-peak route will have more elevation change. This trip is closed, but sign up in case someone drops -  Sign up for this trip

Wetterhorn Peak Hike

Wetterhorn Peak | by Brennan Johnson

Uncompahgre Peak Hike

Uncompahgre Peak | by Brennan Johnson
Founded in 1946 
Built for The POC by Charles 
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