Spring Break 2005 at Red Rocks - by Julie

Friday morning Noah, Dave, Joe and I left Purdue to head for Vegas. We arrived at 11 Saturday morning and headed straight for the gear shop, then off to the campsite to find it empty, since everyone else was out enjoying the warm and sunny day.

Sunday the rest of the crew had returned from their adventures or arrived from Purdue and we all went out to the Dark Corridor for a day of sport. The Corridor was suprisingly void of any other groups (good for them since we sort of took it over), so we set up lots of ropes and had a great time. That night was the POCer birthday party, and we grilled brats, ate cake, and chilled around the campfire in our magnificent group campsite.

Monday some of the west coast pocers left, and the rest of the group split up. Some went to climb the Great Red Book, and Noah, Joe, and I went to Panty Wall for a relaxed day of sport, trying to stay warm and out of the wind.

Tuesday morning Noah and I woke up early and were the first people to get on Cat in the Hat, even though it took us an hour of scrambling to actually find the route once we got to it (and of course it turned out that the trail took us right to it the first time). It ended up being a very crowded route, and confusion with other groups led to a few delays, but overall it was a good climb as Noah bootied a blue TCU off of it.

Wednesday morning we slept in but as the weather was sunny and hot, we headed out to Johnny Vegas with Joe also. Suprisingly, no one was on the route ahead of us and we jumped right on, glad to be in the sun. As we came to find was a trend however, as soon as we got a pitch off the ground, the wind picked up and the sun began to hide. By the top of the route we were all freezing and eager to get off. The climbing was pretty easy and enjoyable, but the rope got stuck once on the rappel and we continued to freeze in the battering winds until it finally freed itself.

Thursday we decided we should make some use of the crash pad since we did manage to cram it in the trunk and get it all the way out there, so we headed to Calico Basin for some scrambling and hiking. The higher peaks looked cold and cloudy, so I at least was glad to be down in the basin. The whole desert was green and in bloom, so I hiked around while the guys bouldered. That night was St Patty's day so we headed into town for showers and some general entertainment.

Finally, Friday morning we got up early again and Noah and I headed out to climb Olive Oil with Brian and Nell. We arrived later than we wanted and another group got on it before us and moved slow at first but eventually they were out of our way and we headed up this fun, long route. Again after the second pitch the wind picked up and clouds appeared, and though I finally had gotten smart and brought an extra sweater it was still pretty cold at the belays. By the time we finished it was starting to sprinkle a bit and the clouds appeared to be eating the mountains. We scrambled down to the base and our packs and took the long hike out as it grew darker.

Saturday morning it was time to head out, but we stopped at the gear outlet in St. George, UT, to check out the deals.  

Pictures from this trip

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