Red River Gorgeous

Stan, Vadim, Gaurav and myself headed down to Red River Gorge for a week of climbing. I was able to teach the guys the ins and outs of outdoor climbing. The weather for mid march was unbelievable (and there were overhangs when it was not).

The trip started off with me setting lines and the guys following on top rope. By the end of the week everyone had led a 5.9, cleaned a sport anchor, and knew their knots. Below, Gaurav practices cleaning a trad line while I belay and coach from above.

On Wednesday I ran into J Brad in the washroom(that sounds dirty) and our groups teamed up to kick things up a notch. That night was attached glow sticks to quick draws and did some night climbing. This was the highlight of the trip for me. Below I’m setting the route.

night climb

 The rest of the week our combined mega-group threw down some sick trad lines  and red-pointed routes up to and 5.11a. Boaz did it all without shoes on, what a show off.

I can not stop thinking about the trip or the next time I get to make a placement. I think we’re all in better shape. This trip also gave me more experience needed to take my Single Pitch Instructor assessment this summer!

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