Beginner Trip Fall '11

Last weekend Peter and I took a beginner trip to the Red. There were four beginners, only one of which had never been climbing outdoors before. We split up groups both days to reduce the number of people at one crag. My group, led by Amy, Kumar, and I, went to Muir Valley both days (a privately owned area that is open to climbers by the generosity of the elderly couple that owns it). We got a lot of good climbing in on Saturday and hit up 3 crags. The highlight of the trip for me was getting to test out my new Eureka! 3 person tent that night (I'm in love). My group got a full day of climbing in on Sunday at a new crag called "Land Before Time." It was a great new crag perfect for beginners. The crag had some solid, fun 5.8s and one super fun 5.10 that started technical and bouldery and finished by pulling on huge flakes (btw all the routes were brand new so all these ratings are just what we thought the routes were). We finished the day by climbing a easy route that topped out on a huge party ledge where our plan was to devour a spiked watermelon, but unfortunately it had gone bad from sitting in the car all night. So all five of us rappelled down and went to Mexican on the way back. Overall it was a awesome trip!

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