Allens Lost Cave - Virgin Discovery '03-'04

On the way to check out a spring, we walked by a swallow hole. The swallow hole was not what we were looking for and did not appear to have any passage at the bottom of it. We moved onward looking for the large spring. No spring was found, so I decided to go back and further investigate the swallow hole. The hole was too tight to go into but I was able to stick my hand and spot light down in there. I got my head down as far as possible and could see a cave! It appeared to only be 3 feet high and probably just a small room, like the usual nerd holes we find. Brian gets back with no luck of finding the spring yet either and starts pulling out and moving rocks to enlarge the hole. The hole is now Brian and Nate size. Brian slithered into the hole and requested a light as he was sitting in complete blackness. I said that I was coming in also and made my way in without giving Brian a light. We were both sitting in the dark, I said, "Ok you ready?" At the time I triggered the million candle power spot light(only to expect a small size room to joke about) and the beam pierced right through some monster passage(40ft X 30ft)! We immediately started yelling in excitement. We yelled for Mark to come down. He started to come down but got stuck, he could not go any further. Mark then tried to back out of the cave, oh no, that doesn't work either. Mark was able to free himself finally and told us to go scoop. Brian with no shirt on equipped only with a single led light, and I with my million candle power spotlight venture off into the virgin black void......

Pictures from this trip

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