Wild Turkey Dome Climb - Indiana 2003

Dome climbing in caves is one of the most dangerous adventures. It has been said that more people risk the altitudes of Everest than dome climb in caves. This is partly due to elements of unpredictable risk. The cave was found on a ridgewalk in southern Indiana. It was blowing air but needed to be worked on a little in order to make it big enough for humans to get in. On a second trip, we were in, in a matter of minutes. I hear Brian yell to bring the packs because it's really big and there was allot of water. In the excitement, I didn't grab any packs. It was raining outside and this caused water to pour from the ceiling and from formations. It was very pretty. We finally emerged into a huge windy dome room with a waterfall pouring buckets. The dome was 50 feet tall. To our surprise were two ropes hanging down from the walls! We were very confused, this was supposed to be virgin! We would need vertical gear and had to wait for another trip. The next trip we came back equipped with full vertical gear only to discover that the ropes went absolutely nowhere! There was a tiny crack in the ceiling of the dome that had potential to continue the cave, our next trip back to the cave would entail a dome climb to push this one till the bitter end...

Pictures from this trip

Founded in 1946 
Built for The POC by Charles 
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