Backpacking Callout August 2004

Trip Members: Joe (trip leader, report author), Anna, Justin, Caley, Sigrid, Jason.

This year the backpacking callout was taken to the Red River Gorge, KY. Six members including myself attended the trip; just the right size for a good backpacking outing. We left campus at around 7pm on friday evening and arrived at Miguel's around 1 am around the same time as a group of the climbers.
After going to bed at around 3am and getting up at six, we picked up some trail maps, dropped off the vehicles at opposite trail heads and hit the trail at around 9:30am. The journey started at the Gray's Arch Parking area and we proceeded on to the arch. After exploring Gray's Arch, we took the Rough Trail east. It was so hot and humid that everyone was drenched in sweat after the first hill but spirits remained high. We made camp that evening along a creek and played cards and ate dinner.
Sunday was a very easy day as we spent most of it exploring other arches and stopping at various creeks to swim in order to attempt to escape the miserable heat and humidity. We decided on a nice camping area along another creek that night, we played more cards before dinner and enjoyed an extended stargazing session on a house sized boulder overhanging the creek.
On monday we had to make up for the relaxed pace we took the day before but the topographic inacuracies on the map and a trail washout resulted in a longer hike than expected. We visited the Rock Bridge just before leaving the trail at around 1pm.
All in all, it was another wonderfully successful backpacking trip with no major incidents and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  

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