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POCAR 2017 Results

December 5, 2017 |

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2011 POC Intro | by David Nelson
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What is the POC?

What is the POC?

elberttreesThe Purdue Outing Club is pretty much involved with almost any activity that involves the outdoors. Rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, and caving are our main activities, but trips are certainly not limited to that.  The Outing Club functions as a place for people who enjoy the outdoors to meet each other and have fun.  The club is very informal and anyone is welcome at anytime. At our meetings, we go over any business we need to take care of, then talk about past trips - usually ones that went out the previous weekend. We talk about new trips that are going to be going out this coming weekend, or anytime in the future.

Do I Need Experience?

Do I Need Experience?

elberttreesNo.  At the beginning each semester, the club consultants hold callout trips, which are meant to teach beginners how to climb, kayak, cave, etc. If you miss the callout, don't worry, the consultants or other club members are always willing to teach you the skills you need.

Do I Need Equipment?

Do I Need Equipment?

elberttreesNo. Besides personal gear (rainwear, boots, etc.), the club owns most of the gear you would ever need for rock climbing, kayaking, caving, backpacking, mountaineering, etc. Select the gear tab to your left for details.

Does it Cost Much?

Does it Cost Much?

elberttreesThe club dues are $20 for one semester or $25 for two semesters. With a paid membership, you are entitled to check out any club gear (that you are qualified for) at no extra cost.

The only other costs you would have for trips would be for gas and food and maybe park fees. The driver usually does not have to pay for gas, passengers of the car will split the cost for gas money.

How do trips work?

How do trips work?

elberttreesMost trips are planned during the Meetings.  If a person were interested in going on a trip the following weekend or the next, he/she would simply announce it at the meeting and other interested members would talk it over with him/her to work out the details.

Some trips, such as individual activity callouts, will be planned well in advance, and formal signups will be held at meetings. There are usually formal club trips planned for every break (October break, Winter break, Spring Break, 3-day weekends)

Where Do We Meet?

Where Do We Meet?

rob_monica2Meetings are at 7PM and are held Tuesdays at the COREC in the Boilermaker Room.  From the front entrance, instead of swiping in at the front desk, turn left directly before the front desk and walk down the hallway. The room will be on your left.

Any Changes to meeting times will be announced through the mailing list or the Newsletter.

Summer Meetings occur and vary depending on who takes charge at the time.

Planning a Club Trip?

Planning a Club Trip?

elberttreesBefore starting any planning for a club event, let the President know.  Forms need to be filled out if club money will be used to fund it, if someone is purchasing food or gas, or if people need to be reimbursed.

 **These forms must be turned into Club Sports TWO WEEKS before the event**

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  • What is the POC?

  • Do I Need Experience?

  • Do I Need Equipment?

  • Does it Cost Much?

  • How do trips work?

  • Where Do We Meet?

  • Planning a Club Trip?

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